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Behind each and every thing, there is an energy, a hidden motion that contributes to the functioning and the existence of the thing itself.

Quite literally, every atom constituting our cosmos is an endless unperceivable chaos in constant change. These little moving particles are part of our lives. They are our universe, they are the images we see, the stories that we hear. Ultimately, they are who we are. 


Films follow this exact same principle: A succession of pictures and sounds processed within a continuous movement to recreate a moment of life. Here at Unseen Motions, we celebrate the unseen and remind ourselves that what we perceive is always the tip of an iceberg. We believe that the smallest elements are at the foundation of any great thing.

Founded in 2015 by Raphael Biss and Florian Becette, Unseen Motions intends to produce feature films, documentaries and TV series with a singular vision targeted at both mainstream and specific audiences. We search for bold, visceral and meaningful stories that have the power to enlighten and inspire. 


It's our duty as filmmakers and artists to always dig deeper into our own selves and reflect on who we are as conscious beings. We make it our mission to shine a light on subjects that are too often kept in the dark. 

Bollo Bridge Rd,
London. UK
Royal Palm, Boulevard du Midi, Cannes La Bocca. France
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