Behind each and every thing there is a hidden motion, an energy that contributes to the functioning and even the existence of the thing in question. It’s exactly the same principle in a film - it's a succession of pictures and sounds processed within a continuous movement to tell a story and create emotions. 


For the tip of the iceberg to surface and peek it's nose out in the open, a much larger body is immersed and doing all the work. 

At UNSEEN MOTIONS, we believe that the visible only exists thanks to the invisible and as filmmakers it is our duty to shine a light on subjects that are too often kept in the dark.

Founded in 2015 by Raphael Biss and Florian Becette, UNSEEN MOTIONS was created with the intention to produce feature dramas, limited series and documentaries with a singular vision targeted for both mainstream and specific audiences. 


We are currently developing an exciting slate of projects. 

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