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Raphael is a writer/director with Scottish, French and Egyptian backgrounds.

Raised in Kuwait during the 91' Gulf War, he grew a fascination for questioning the limits of morality within wild and hostile environments. Through his work, he likes to search for the meaning of truth and question the said status quo. 

He sailed across the Atlantic on a self-made catamaran to shoot SAVAGES IN FOREIGN LANDS,
the first feature about the Guanche's lost civilisation. The film acquired by ZED distribution was released in cinemas in 2017 and is now broadcast worldwide on television (The Archaeology channel, VTV, Direct+…).

Raphael is a Directing-Fiction graduate from the National Film & Television School. His work premiered in BAFTA and BIFA qualifying festivals and won a Student ROYAL TELEVISION SOCIETY AWARD, Best British Short at the UK Film Festival, Best Achievement in Editing from AVID and Best Short Film at SEOUL, among others.
His feature script WHEN ALL THE COLOURS FADE AWAY was shortlisted at LE GROUPE OUEST 2021. 


He is a member of the French Society of Directors, DIRECTORS UK, the RTS and became a BAFTA Connect Member in 2023.

He shadowed director PETER HOAR on DA VINCI’S DEMONS and NOLLY starring Helena Bonham Carter. He was mentored by BEN A. WILLIAMS on SHERWOOD through INSPIRE's mentorship and previously by Exec producer ALAN SIM.


Currently, Raphael is working on two features UNSHAKEABLE, a contained thriller set in the Caribbean as well as HIGH AND DRY a survival film inspired by true events.

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