STORY: Frank, a frustrated, heart-broken employee of a vacation club changes his destiny when he meets a tourist with a powerful and mysterious gift. 

FORMAT: Feature Film

ABOUT: Psychological Thriller / Crime Film

STATUS: In Development / 1st Draft


STORY: Alicia, an aspiring BMX racer faces her family’s triumph and downfall for recognition and merit. Living under the shadow of her elder brother, a BMX champion and her father, a formal legendary coach, Alicia wants to thrive and become her own self, but she first needs to overcome a darker incident from her past: an impressive crash that almost left her paralysed. 

FORMAT: Feature Film

ABOUT: Underdog Sports Movie / Coming of Age about brotherhood, recognition and the meaning of sucess within a broken family. This film is a feature exploration of my NFTS Grad Film “RIDER”.

STATUS: In Development / Short film completed / Treatment


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