I'm a British and French director based in London.

I recently graduated from the National Film and Television School with an MA in Directing Fiction.

I believe that my childhood in Kuwait during the Gulf War is where I grew a fascination for historical stories as well as a thirst for discovering the world's variety of cultures.

In 2012, I sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to direct “Savages in Foreign Lands” a 52' documentary about the lost civilisation of the Guanches and their fight for survival against the invading Conquistadors.

Since, I directed several short dramas that featured in festivals internationally, and won awards (Royal Television Society) as well as directed adverts, music videos and a mini series of animations. 

My films are usually rite of passage stories and often portray characters searching for their own identity within dysfunctional families or wild and hostile environments. I like stories that question moral values and explore the depths of human nature in extreme situations.

I am Currently developing a feature fiction film along with other short form projects and I'm always eager to meet new people,

so don't hesitate to drop me a line.


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