I'm a British and French director based in London.

I recently graduated from the National Film and Television School with an MA in Directing Fiction.


I believe that my childhood in Kuwait during the Gulf War is where I grew a fascination for adventurous and historical stories as well as a thirst for discovering the world's variety of cultures. My films are usually rite of passage stories across different genres, they often portray characters searching for their own identity within dysfunctional families or wild and hostile environments. I like stories that question moral values and explore the depths of human nature in extreme situations. 


In 2012, I sailed across the Atlantic Ocean for over 7 months to direct a feature documentary “Savages in Foreign Lands” about the lost civilisation of the Guanches in the Canary Islands. At the time it was the first film to explore this civilisation and had a full theatrical release as well as several TV broadcasts around the world, (DirectTV, The Archeology Channel, VTV…).

Overall I directed over a dozen short films that featured in festivals internationally, as well as adverts, music videos and a mini series of animations (Bayard) that was broadcasted in Europe and Canada for two years. 

I'm currently developing a feature script along other short form projects.


Raphael and Florian Becette have co-founded UNSEEN MOTIONS LTD  to produce feature films and documentaries with the intention to focus on unexplored areas and subject matters around the world.


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