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Half-French, half-British, raised in Kuwait at the end of the 1st Gulf war,
I have spent my childhood being fascinated by unexplored stories from all over the world.

My BA graduation film won the Student RTS and whilst still at uni I was hired to direct a series of 11 animations for Bayard in Paris. This work was  broadcasted for 2 years in France and Canada. 


Later that year, I've crossed the Atlantic Ocean on a sailing boat to make a feature documentary about a lost civilisation: "Savages in Foreign Lands"  The film distributed by ZED  had a cinema release in 2017 and several TV broadcasts in 2018 and 2019  (Direct TV & VTV).

Prior to that I also worked in the camera department for many productions such as BBC World, FOX, StarZ, ITV, S4C, Nissan...  I also directed over a dozen short films and was part of a theatre group for about 10 years.

I am now studying at the National Film and Television School on the Directing Fiction MA course. 


Raphael and Florian Becette have co-founded UNSEEN MOTIONS LTD  to produce feature films and documentaries with the intention to focus on unexplored areas and subject matters around the world.